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Notable Features of Radial Tyres

●High-speed driving We have mentioned above that tyre revolution contribute to world's automotive industry development. Radial tyre was invented by Michelin in 1946, bring an epoch-making revolution to tyre field. The invitation of radial tyre has a decisive influence on modern transportation, while bringing us a colorful life. In terms of speed, the driving speed of the vehicle depends mainly on its engine, but the tyres were entrusted with the sacred duty to complete this mission. Taking the famous short distance runner, Lewis as example, his quality like an engine on the vehicle, and the shoes on him are like radial tyre of the vehicle. If wore a normal leather shoes, not sports shoes, others will run faster than him, even without the dose of stimulant. Of course, this is just a joke; but it illustrates the importance of radial tyres in terms of improving vehicle speed.


We may saw pieces of rubber left by tyres on the highway, and in such a circumstance, the driving velocity of the tyres exceeded their critical velocity, causing amount of heat stored within the tyres.


Then what is the relation between velocity and the left rubbers: Before explaining that, I will introduce you a phenomena caused by tyres during the high speed driving--"Standing Wave". During the tyres driving, peripheral area of contact parts between tyres and ground surface will start to bend, rotating off the ground; the bended parts will restore to its original state, at this moment, the wear will generate a wavy deformation near the semicircular portion of the contact parts between tyre and the ground, which is called "Standing Wave".


When "Standing Wave" occurs, rolling resistance of wheels will increase rapidly, and the tyres will start to absorb standing wave energy, resulting in a sharp rise in temperature. At this point, if you continue to drive at high speeds, the rubber will be thrown off, causing the tyre burst. As it can be seen from the above analysis, "Speed ​​- standing wave - warming - unglued - burst” is linked line. Due to strong steel hoop around cord fabric, radial tyre will not easily have "standing wave”, even in the high-speed rotation. So the radial tyre can be used on high speed driving, which is not suitable for bias tyres. However, everything has its limitation, especially for tyres. Because it has a synthetic action, and its critical velocity has been stipulated during its design (of course, such tyre speed is higher than that of bias tyres); if the driving speed exceeds the critical speed, the same thing will also happen. So each driver shall know about the speed rating of the tyres they used, and avoid puncture rollover accidents in strict accordance with the specified level.


●Not to be punctured easily Due to the steel layer, the tyre tread of radial tyre cannot be punctured easily by sharp hard objects like iron nail(comparatively speaking). Experiments show that bias tyres can be penetrated through by 196N force with a nail of 2mm diameters, while radial tyres require 980N force to be penetrated with the same nail. In other words, compared with bias tyres, steel radial tyres need a force 5 times than that of bias tyres to be penetrated through, with the same nail.


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