Tyre Cars Guide
Must knows about Tyre Upgrade and Conversion

Benefits of tyre upgrade:

Improving steering response

Larger ground contact area

Improved grip

Strengthened sense of overall control of the pavement

More dynamic and fashionable appearance


Tyres are very magical parts of the vehicle. By contacting the ground in an area of about four post cards, they affect the comfortability and driving performance of the vehicle. It is absolutely safe to say that tyres are most important consumptive materials on a vehicle! For this reason, the upgrade of tyre often forms a key element in the improvement of overall performance of the vehicle, and may also be the easiest refitting item for vehicle owners. Some vehicle fans may ask why should we spend our money upgrading the tyres now that they are already equipped when the vehicle is purchased. Actually there is nothing wrong about this question because in overall terms tyres equipped on new vehicles are selected after repeated and demanding road test. However, most tyres selected by manufacturers are for controlling the costs or for optimum performance of the vehicle and therefore cannot contribute comfort and wear resistance at the same time. Therefore, out of overall balance consideration, the original tyres must compromise some of such aspects as performance, noise, wear resistance and comfort, etc. So the upgrade of tyre can also be thought of as the first step for improving the performance of vehicle.


Knowing that tyres have key influence on the overall performance of the vehicle, in the next we are going to learn about how to upgrade the tyres. Upgrade of tyres can be started from the following two aspects:

Upgrade of quality:


Maintain the specification of original tyre, but replace with tyres of higher grade to improve the quality of tyre, such as more beautiful tread, better drainage, smaller rolling noise or better grip, etc.


Upgrade of specification:

Within permissible scope, upgrade the specification of original tyres, in other words, enlarge the specification of tyre. This is to make the vehicle with new tyres look more beautiful and mighty, in addition to the improvement of grip. Usually, the quality is upgraded in the meantime of specification upgrade! 


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