Tyre Cars Guide
Types of the tyre

The division method for tyre type include: categorized by car type, by size, by decorative design, by composition.

●The tyre categorized by car types can be divided in to 8 types. i.e.: PC - tyres for passenger cars; LT - tyres for light truck; TB-Truck and bus tyres; AG - agricultural vehicle tyres; OTR - machine shop truck; ID-industrial vehicle tyres; AC- - aircraft tyres; MC- motorcycle tyres.

●Classification by usage of the tyre; the classification by used of the tyre include: truck tyres, bus tyres, mining tyres and other species. Truck tyre must be marked with layer number, besides the specified size on the side piece. But special attention should be paid on the that the layer of the truck tyre do not refers to its actual layer, but to tyre made by high strength material cords, and its load performance is equivalent to the layers of cotton tyre cord made by cotton production carcass cords. This is because cotton cord is first used to produce carcass cords, so that cotton cord layer is used by international practice as the standard for tyre layer. Different layers of the tyre have the different load capacity. Even tyres of the same size have different load capacity, due to its different layers, therefore, tyre with different layers cannot be used in the same axle, and otherwise, danger may occur under high speed and load conditions. For example: 900-20 car tyre of "Liberation" (16 layers) cannot be used together with that of 900 - 20 tyres (14 layers), because they have different levels, different loads and are prone to danger if used together.

Light radial truck tyres of light truck or minibus shall have "C" marked behind their tyre type, to distinct from radial tyres for passenger cars. E.g.: the tyres 185SR14C used on Jinbei van, where "C" refers to light truck tyre. While according to American standard stipulations: for passenger car tyres, "P" shall be added to the specification of front tyres. Such as: P215/75R15 tyres used by Cherokee, where "P" refers to passenger tyre. Many drivers do not understand the meaning of "P", believe that American vehicle tyre must have "P". Therefore, they do use the tyre without "P", during tyre changing, making fool of themselves. Some tyre dealer will sell the tyre marked with "P" at a high price, when they see drivers with such idea. In fact, "P" is just an American provisions, such as tyres 185/70R14 produced by Shanghai warrior tyre to export to the United States for the supporting use

of Tempo car produced by Ford plants, then, in accordance with the provisions of the United States, "P" shall be marked at the front of 185/70R14 tyres produced by Shanghai Warrior factory to show the tyre is used for passenger car. So when changing tyres, do not be bluffed with this "P". On the contrary, the mark "C" need your special attention. If your car is light truck, then you should insist the principle of no "C", no tyre-changing. We have mentioned that radial tyre 185SR14C used by Jinbei minivan, while Audi cars have also used radial tyre 185SR14, from the specification of tyre, there no difference between them, but the "C" are marked on Jinbei minivan, not on the Audi cars.

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