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  • A316


    Significant feature
    Suitable to driving wheel of truck on mud,snow,minery and construction site 
    Designed for excellent driving,steering,braking and anti-slip performance 
    Tread designed for super anti-wearing and low heat generation
  • Racing king

    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance C Wet Adhesion B More

    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance C Wet Adhesion E More
  • A330

    Sound Level 1 Rolling Resistance D Wet Adhesion D More
  • A320


    ● Applicable for high speed driving Best choice for deluxe bus.

    ● Endow tyres with superior stability of centerline road contact driving.

    ● Low noise level,reduce slip of tyre, low rolling resistance.

    ● Greatly reduce tyre irregular wear.

  • A312


    ● Applicable for bus or truck cornering axle,driving on the highway or city road in the short distance

    ●Large area pattern, good wear resistance with good stability control


    1. A studdable radial tire, snow special rubber formula is a professional winter tire.

    2. Jagged blocks, not only in the ice and snow, but also in dry roads, creates handling performance.

    3. The central continuous block is designed to ensure the stability of the ice and snow as well as wet and dry handling land.

    4. Single-oriented patterns create better snow driving performance.

    5. 3D fine lines and grooves can be suppressed due to block deformation, the results in the drive brake close slots, and improve ice and snow grip.

    Longitudinal grooves angled on ice and snow play a draining effect, creating snow discharge and allowing high-speed driving.


    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance F Wet Adhesion E More

    Spirally wrapped jointless cap ply

    1. Studless Performance Winter Tire                     

    When the weather turns to snow and ice. The SNOW WHITE has been developed to provide excellent capabilities for passenger cars, and SUVs in demanding winter road conditions.                      

    To satisfy the drivers' requirements and ensure their safety, we have adopted a new tread compound that delivers improved ice and snow capabilities, as well as long wear life.                 

    2. Advanced Tread Compound                      

    Increased silica and improved dispersion enhances wet grip, braking and traction in low temperatures.         

  • B26

    Endurance series

    1.Superior tread rubber improves heat resistance

    2.Exceptionally strong & endurable bead ring design creates a high tear resistance

    3.Good wear/uneven wear resistance

    4.Ultra-steady driveability in wet road conditions

    5.Good highway endurance

    6.Low noise & excellent ride comfort

    7.Applicable for mini coach & non-overload van in long distance or city transit on paved road

  • B23

    B23 8 PR


  • B22

    High mileage, low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption and light truck tire, business dedicated.

     1. Using computer simulations, the contour design optimization, improves receiving prints, reduces abnormal wear, making tire wear uniform and more durable.

    2. The middle two longitudinal ribs a coherent design, greatly improving the pattern saturation, while increasing tire durability,

    While ensuring the rigidity of the tire tread, it improves the traction of the tire.

    3. 3 large longitudinal groove design, especially in the middle longitudinal groove using a zigzag design, the tire has excellent control over performance, even when the tire wears late, also has outstanding performance.

    4. Low rolling resistance tread compound design, is a special tread compound that reduces rolling resistance of the tire and the ground, plays a pivotal role in energy saving.

    5. The pattern extends to both sides of the shoulder lateral grooves and makes suitable small distributions to further improve tire override performance, even in adverse roads it will also move freely.

    6. The short knife groove design is developed to reduce tire noise while on a watery surface, creating a better film splash effect.

    7. The material structure design is the use of steel reinforcement belt + double polyester carcass, creates a high strength, high safety, and longer life for the tire.


    1.Computer Designed Open Tread Design utilizing independent

    open blocks that allow the tire to perform well in mud, sand, snow

    and still perform well on normal road pavement. On the highway

    the tire is stable and quiet for driving comfort.

    2.An Advanced Sidewall Design allows the tire tread to perform as

    designed. This sidewall contributes to the ride comfort as well as its

    off road abilities.

    3.A Unique, Highly Effective Tread Pattern that looks all business

    and provides excellent on or off road traction.

    4.Strong, Angled Shoulder Blocks for outstanding traction in

    adverse driving conditions.

    5.Special tread block edges provide for additional bite for snow

    driving abilities – a competent snow condition tire.

    6.All Weather Tread Compound, combined with its durable cut

    resistant tendencies allows for this tire to be a true all season, all

    position and all condition tire.

    7.Shoulder Grooves incorporating small links greatly enhance the

    strength of the shoulder which contributes to the superior sidewall


    8.Low Noise Tread Designed with a “1 to 2 Pitch.” This pattern

    blocks noise resonance of tire to surface contact sound greatly

    reducing tire noise.

    9.Advanced Internal Tire Construction is utilized such as

    Seamless Bead Wire wrapped with Aramid to provide a very strong,

    safe and comfortable tire at highway speeds.



    Radial Tyres for 4WD and RV

    Eminence originates from keen changes

    Brand-new PIONEER continues the practical style by displaying more reinforced


    1.Advanced Tire Engineering: A durable, simple, elegant, all

    weather tread pattern that performs in all conditions. Reinforced

    material in a thicker, more durable sidewall and very effective tread

    design provide a better choice for off-road rally and SUV owners

    who want increased performance capability.

    2.Elongated Sipes configured into the tread blocks adjusts the

    stiffness which allows the tire to be suitable for mud, ice, and

    highway pavement while still reducing noise while driving.

    3.Dramatic Tread Pattern provides compounding angles to

    provide excellent grip while offering an attractive design that

    SUV and extreme off road enthusiasts would appreciate.

    4.Huge Shoulder Block Design which extends deep into and

    becomes part of the tread pattern insures the rigidity of the

    tire and creates a strong grip in adverse conditions.

    5.An Alternating Step Design is built into the shoulder blocks

    to consistently perform well in muddy or rugged situations.

    6.Tread Block Angles and Rib Deflectors reject stones and

    debris from damaging the tires casing.

    7.Rugged Sidewall designed and built 30% thicker to resist

    strong impacts and obstacles off road such as large rocks or

    on the highway such as potholes.

    8.All-Weather Tread Compounding while still retaining the

    cut and tear resistance allows this tire to operate well in

    snowy/winter conditions. This eliminates the need to change

    tires when the weather changes.

    9.Low Noise Tread is designed into this pattern along with all

    the other excellent attributes this tire offers.

    10.Strong Body Structure has 3 layers of polyester supported

    with Aramid insuring these rugged tires provide comfort and

    safety while being an excellent off-road tire.


    1.Wear Resistant Tread Compound with a 460AA index

    provides excellent mileage while having strong attributes.

    2.A symmetric Tread Design provides a uniform tread contact

    patch which reduces irregular tread wear. With the continual

    center rib, high speed stability is insured.

    3.Four Wide Circumferental Grooves allow for excellent

    water evacuation and reject slush and gravel when


    4.Tread That Incorporates Blades, sipes and block edges

    along with interconnected tread blocks engineered to let

    the tread operate efficiently and freely in adverse weather

    highway driving conditions while providing shorter stopping

    distances. By using computer input, the tread maintains a

    quiet ride in all situations.

    5.Lateral Grooves improve the tires grip, help reduce

    rolling resistance which aids in achieving energy saving


    6.Double Wound Cap Ply polyester body plus a high strength

    steel belt ensure security and stability at high speeds.

    7.A Computer Optimized Tread gives the pitch arrangement

    an overall reduction in noise.


    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance C Wet Adhesion C More
  • STREAK-1

    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance F Wet Adhesion C More
  • A26

    1. The center symmetric tread design reduces irregular wear and improvse tire traction in various road conditions, creating extend tire life.

    2. The intermediate rib tread design coherently reinforces the tread rigidity, while increasing tire durability.

    While ensuring the rigidity of the tire tread, it improves the traction of the tire.

    3. 4 large circumferential longitudinal groove design: provides good drainage performance in the rain.

    4. Low rolling resistance tread compound design: is a special tread compound that reduces rolling resistance of the tire and the ground, plays a pivotal role in energy saving.

    5. The crown mesh pattern is designed to enhance tire override, it’s open style lateral grooves meter reduce compression of the air, while helping reduce high frequency noise.

    6. The lateral grooves and small parts through the shoulder groove design, provide excellent wet and dry grip.

    7. Sidewall contour special treatment is designed so that the tire can flex greatly, creating improved ride comfort and quietness.


    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance C Wet Adhesion E More
  • STEADY-33

    Sound Level 2 Rolling Resistance F Wet Adhesion C More
  • A340


    ● Bridged center design helps improve tread stability.

    ● High density of grooves help provide excellent traction in all weather conditions.

    ● Directional tread design allows for good traction and long original tread life.

    ●Blocks opened tyre shoulder figure, thus enabling the tyre to achieve super performance in operation under bad conditions.

  • A310


    ● Applicable for bus or truck cornering axle.

    ● Applicable for all round express way and highway service.

    ● Optimal handling stability and grip on wet road and easy cornering.

    ● Outstanding high speed performance stable road contact from sider tread design,strong wear resistance.

    ● Laminated tread design lowers crown heat generation under overload and prolongs tyre service life.

  • A325


    ● Applicable for truck in all road condition

    ● Opened tyre shoulder figure,thus enabling the tyre to achieve super performance in optimal handling stability

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