Tyre Cars Guide
  • Notable Features of Radial Tyres
    Notable Features of Radial Tyres

    ●High-speed driving We have mentioned above that tyre revolution contribute to world's automotive industry development. Radial tyre was invented by Michelin in 1946, bring an epoch-making revolution…

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  • Must knows about Tyre Upgrade and Conversion
    Must knows about Tyre Upgrade and Conversion

    Benefits of tire upgrade: Improving steering response Larger ground contact area Improved grip Strengthened sense of overall control of the pavement More dynamic and fashionable appe…

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  • Tyre function
    Tyre function

    A vehicle is consists of thousands of parts, and each component has its own unique and single function. Tyre is also one of the components of the vehicle; however, with different functions from other…

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  • Types of the tyre
    Types of the tyre

    The division method for tyre type include: categorized by car type, by size, by decorative design, by composition.

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  • Tyre Knowledge
    Tyre Knowledge

    The tyre size shown below is P185/60R14 82H. The P represents the car type, Passenger.

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