Tyre Conditions
  • Blast caused by impact or segment
    Blast caused by impact or segment

    Tire carcass is damaged or hurt due to the tires because of impact or segment during the driving. The outside cutting of the tire is called cutting blasting, otherwise it called impact blasting…

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  • Wear

    A Central Wear Central wear is very fast, and tire shoulders get thinner. Reason: Ground-holding pressures become high due to the high pressure. B shoulder wear Both sides

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  • Tread Disengagement
    Tread Disengagement

    Tread Disengagement Mostly, it will happen on tire shoulder, at the first time, it may happen to some of it, blast when it became dangerous. Caused by insufficient pressure Heat Disengagem…

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  • Split &Tilt
    Split &Tilt

    Split (Cracking on groove portion) The rubber tread portion has split damage. Mainly occurs in duct of tire shoulder from transverse groove, when it comes worse, the rubber will be torn. Reaso…

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  • Cuts

    Cut normal outer cuts Abrasion damage caused by stones Pierced tread or sidewall damage caused by curb Bumping damage caused by tire chains, etc. Incision include outer cut cau…

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  • Crack

    Crack here refers to rubber crack occurred on rubber surface, which can be divided into four categories. There are cracks caused by the physical force and chemical aging crack du…

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  • Retread separation
    Retread separation

    RETREAD SEPARATION appearance Aportion of tread rubber only has lifted and separated from the buffed surface. …

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  • Branding damage
    Branding damage

    probable cause Causedby:branding too deep,branding in the wrong location on the tyre sidewall,branding at too high a temperature,or branding at a sharp angle

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  • Torn beads
    Torn beads

    Bead toe rubber is torn or cut exposing the wire or fabric

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